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1. 寶山寺






3. 長弓寺


10月の秋祭りに行きました。 暗くなってくると幻想的な雰囲気に包まれます。 秋祭りと言っても地域のお祭りなので、派手なおまつりではないですが、それがまたいいと思います。 だんじりもあるようです。

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  1. Bongshan Temple

“I walk uphill from the cable”

I went by cable car from Kintetsu Ikoma station. I felt somewhat cooler because it is located at a high altitude. As I walk uphill from the cable station, people with poor leg needs attention.

  1. Yokosuka Nara Highway

“Pass road beyond Ikoma mountain”

I passed through the whole Ikoma whole mountain longitudinal. In the past, it seems that it was a way used by many travelers as a way past Osaka to Nara Ise direction. There is an old teahouse at the dark pass, this street with its taste is also chosen as one hundred Japanese roads.

  1. Yogoji

“Fantastic Temple”

I went to the autumn festival in October. It will be wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere when it gets dark. Although it is an autumn festival, it is a regional festival, so it is not a flashy festival, but I think it is also good. It seems there are dancers.


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