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■ Rainbow Lamune is a “phantom” ramune that can not be purchased unless it wins a lottery that will be 40 times more competitive than usual. Applications are always rushing, “If it is possible to obtain home town payment,” it is available. It was sold out in 8 minutes in minimum because of application order.

Sweet and sour, crisp outside, fluffy in the middle. Takoyaki is imaged and handmade. Children, adults as well as taste and texture become addictive.

There are 4 kinds of colors, pink, yellow, white and blue
It is colored with light pastel color and it is very beautiful

It is nostalgic but the childishness like a sweet candy is also a ramune that you can enjoy old-fashioned adults who can not feel forcible cheapness


















■ Ikoma City of Nara Prefecture

1, Manufactured at Ikoma confectionary head office,

Apply for recruitment twice a year (March / September), a lottery ceremony! !

(Ikoma Confectionary Honpo

2, If you want to get it right away, mini version is sold at convenience stores.

that! Rainbow Lamune of Ikoma confectionary Honpo appeared as a small number yo ☆ 彡
It seems that it is jointly developed with UHA taste sugar, so you can get it at convenience stores etc. across the country.

In the Kansai region,



· Family Mart

I can buy it in ^ ^

Mail order official website of UHA taste sugar

(UHA satellite)

The harder to obtain it, the stronger the desire to eat at once.

3, ↓ enough to sell at Amazon

Taste sugar Rainbow Lamune mini

Rainbow Lamune, a phantom rarely available. The real thing is made by Ikoma confectionery, but fake products made in real life are also sold in. When purchasing, please check whether “Ikoma confectionery” is making, please confirm that it is not fake.




★ What is the fake of Rainbow Lamune in Ikoma confectionery?
There is a fake lamune looking exactly like Rainbow Lamune in Ikoma confectionery. It just is not easy to tell from the one of Iikoma confectionery just by looking at it. The shape of the ramune is similar to that of the Rainbow Lamune and there are also people who purchase the color in pastel colors without knowing it as counterfeit.

The shape is different, but also the ramune using pastel colors of white, yellow, pink and blue. It seems that some people will not be able to purchase this because they do not win easily at Rainbow Lamune.

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