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The word “hospitality” is original Japanese, but I think that it was not used so frequently until someone made it a buzzword. Takigawa Christel is a presentation to attract the Tokyo Olympic Games and it is intense to explain Japanese hospitality culture using the word “Oh, Waa, Naoshi” when conveying the merit of Tokyo in fluent French. As a result, “hospitality” became a buzzword because it helped to attract Tokyo successfully.

Until then, even our Japanese people have not understood much the meaning of the word “hospitality”, but as it is used frequently, it is becoming increasingly popular in the field of customer service and treatment such as hotel industry ” Hospitality “is said to be a virtue.





There is such a hotel in Nara too. That’s the Nara hotel.

Nara hotel which was established as a facility for the state guest and the royal family to stay in 1909.

Even today, it is used by many celebrities both from home and abroad, and it is also used for the royalty’s accommodation. Nara Hotel boasts a tradition of over 100 years

It is this heavy entrance to greet us arriving at the hotel.
The hotel has a main building where a classic look from the time of its establishment remains and a new building with a modern and calm atmosphere. One room in the new wing that I stayed this time. Calmly decorated without elegance but claiming to be elegant is perfect for healing tiredness of the trip.

名前 奈良ホテル
住所 奈良市高畑町1096



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